Remnant House Outreach Ministry
Remnant House Outreach Ministry

STEP 3:  "We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of GOD as we understand HIM.  

Our best efforts resulted in even greater destruction and despair.  At some point we realized that we needed the help of some Power greater than our addiction." (Ref 5th Ed. Narcotics Anonymou

STEP 4:  "We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

We have found that fear is a lack of faith, and we have found a loving, personal GOD to whom we cn turn.  We no longer need to be afraid.

STEP 5:  We admitted to GOD, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.  

God already knows that stuff, we rationalized.  Although HE already knows, the admission must come from our own lips to be truly effective." (Ref. Narcotics Anonymous 5th Ed.)


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It costs roughly $32,000.00 per year to provide the services involved with the Remnant House Outreach Ministry.  This does not cover the costs of wear and tear replacement of housing facilities, older vans currently in use, etc.  Please make a donation today.  Our board is not salaried.  We dedicate our time as an offering to GOD.  We rely upon your generosity to continue the work that GOD has begun.



At Remnant House, our desire is to "Restore Men to their rightful position."

"The only way to keep from returning to active addiction is not to take that first drug.  If you are like us you know that one is too many and a thousand never enough.  We put great emphasis on this, for we know that when we use drugs in any form, or substitute one for another, we release our addiction all over again.  Thinking of alcohol as  different from other drugs has caused a great many addicts to relapse.  Before we came to N.A. many of us viewed alcohol seperately, but we cannot afford to be confused about this.  Alcohol is a drug.  We are people with the disease of addiction who must abstain from all drugs in order to recover.  

(Ref Narcotics Anonymus 5th Ed.)